How to Support OOSJ

For individuals: OOSJ relies on membership commitment in support of our Mission, Vision, Goals, Programs, and Works. The most personal, and perhaps most fufilling, way to support OOSJ is to become a member. OOSJ also accepts donations and estate gifting. Please consider OOSJ in your charitable gifting plan.

For foundations: OOSJ welcomes foundation (personal/public/private/corporate) funding for our Programs and Works. Please contact OOSJ regarding grant proposals.

For corporations: OOSJ welcomes the opportunity to discuss coprorate sponsorships. Please contact the Order to discuss upcomming events.

Please note OOSJ does not currently accept online donations. 

Contact Information:

Knights of the Orthodox Order of Saint John Russian Grand Priory
39 Parkway East
Mt. Vernon, NY 10552
United States of America

Tax Information:

Qualified Non-Profit Charitable Organization under IRS section 501(c)3 

Official Notices & Disclaimers:

OFFICIAL NOTICE: The OOSJ-RGP.ORG website is the defining source for all information regarding the Order. There are many websites that make spurious claims to represent the Orthodox Order or that the Order: has authorized, is affiliated with, has created special sub-organizations, has accredited, or has assigned special titles of authority. The Order does not engage in these types of activities. 
The Order does not currently accept online donations. Members are not authorized to solicit funds online “on behalf of the Order.” Authorized online donation opportunities, when made available, will be clearly identified on the official OOSJ website. All donations should be sent directly to the official address by regular or certified mail. 

All official communications regarding the OOSJ emanate from the Headquarters of the Order.
Please send any inquiries regarding OOSJ to the official address by regular mail.

The organization is not affiliated with any other order.