OOSJ Mission

The mission of the Knights of the Orthodox Order of Saint John Russian Grand Priory (OOSJ) is to preserve our Russian  and Hospitaller tradtions for times eternal through education and assistance to people placed into positions of adversity.

OOSJ Vision

Establish a new level of excellence among chivalric charities

OOSJ Goals

  • Expand the reach, quality, and magnitude of our good and charitable works, especially for: victims of calamities, the ill, children, the old and the destitute

  • Develop a new generation of members to maintain and preserve for times eternal the ancient Hospitaller traditions

  • Produce relevant events that serve as an educational source on historical traditions from Christianity and Imperial Russia

  • Improve dialogue and understanding among the ecumenical community of churches, while preserving and sharing the traditions of Orthodoxy

  • Promote good will, understanding, cooperation and a mutual accord with all other legitimate branches of the Order of Saint John