The Order has a Constitution and By-Laws, and is a non-profit, charitable organization incorporated by the State of New York. 

The Order is also recognized as a fully qualified charitable organization under IRS section 501(c)3. 

The Order is governed by a Grand Prior and is sanctioned by His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. The International Headquarters and Secretariat are located in Mount Vernon, New York.

The Order maintains Priories, Commanderies, and Ecclesiastical presences world-wide.

Government of the Order – The Grand Priory:

The Grand Priory is the central government of the Order and is headed by the Grand Prior.

  • Grand Prior – vacant
  • Lieutenant Grand Prior – vacant
  • Grand Council
    • Grand Chancellor – Css. Tatianna Bobrinskoy
    • Grand Treasurer – Gen. Jerome Richard
    • Grand Prelate – Right Rev Bishop Rodney Rae Michael
    • Grand Chaplain – Very Rev Father Christopher
    • Grand Hospitaller and Almoner – Dr. Charles Hazzi
    • Grand Conservator – vacant 
    • Grand Councilors – Victor Stewart; Judge Wm Lee (emeritus)
    • Grand Herald – Dr. Paul Cardile
    • Grand Visitor – Prof. Arcadi Nebolsine